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LSU at Utah 2nd Round NIT Open Thread

First game jitters should be out of the way, any leftover disappointment should be gone, so now the Utes should be focused on playing and playing loose.

For the Utes, it’s the same recipe. They can’t play hero ball, they can’t turn it over, and they have to get good ball movement on offense. David Collette and Justin Bibbins ahve to do what they’ve been doing, but the likes of Tyler Rawson has to step it up. If Utah wants to keep their season alive, they need to get four or five guys in double figures.

They also need to wear out LSU at altitude, especially late in the 3rd and 4th quarters of this game. If they can get LSU worn down, they may be able to get seperation as the game goes on.

Lastly, here’s hoping we have some competant officiating tonight, especially for Coach K’s sake.

Go Utes!