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Utah at Saint Mary’s NIT Open Thread

Big game for the Utes. Win or go home, just like the past couple of games, except this game is on the road against a team with a lot of wins on the season. The Utes had bad luck the last time they went to Saint Mary’s by losing in the first round of the NIT. Fortunately, this team has a lot of senior leadership that hopefully can navigate the challenge of the road better.

The Utes need to take care of the ball, and limit Saint Mary’s shooters. Their big guy is a stud, and he sets up the shooters for easy threes, which can bury teams. The Utes need to play smart and connected on defense. On offense, David Collette has to go to work, and Justin Bibbins need to keep the Utes on time and help keep the defense honest from beyond the arc.

Win and go to New York, that’s the goal for the Utes.