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Utah vs. Western Kentucky in the NIT Open Thread

The Utes are at the Garden to take on the Hilltoppers for the right to play for the NIT Championship on Thursday night. This is a tough opponent, as they’ve proven they can win anywhere, including USC a week ago. The Utes need to play a clean game to advance, and fortunately, they’ve been doing that for the last couple of months. Justin Bibbins has led the charge, and he’ll need to do it throughout this game, even after a bit of a struggle shooting the last little bit. Hopefully Sedrick Barefield can take some pressure off of him with continued hot shooting as well. Tyler Rawson should have a big impact on this game with his versatility and ability to stuff the stat sheet. When he’s playing well, the Utes are really tough to beat.

Here’s hoping the Utes have two more wins in there, starting with WKU tonight.