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Utah vs Penn State in the NIT Championship Open Thread

NCAA Basketball: NIT-Utah vs Western Kentucky Nicole Sweet-USA TODAY Sports

Here we are, 40 more minutes of basketball before the season comes to an end. Will it end with a trophy? That’s what Utah fans and players are hoping for at least. It’s been a great run for Utah over the last 5 games, and hopefully they can cap things the right way. Utah gets 40 more minutes with a tough senior class, including Justin Bibbins, who will need to be his normal great self tonight. David Collette, who will have to be aggressive in the paint, and get some rebounds. Tyler Rawson, who is going to need to spread out the Penn State defense and make some big shots. Gabe Bealer, who will need to also hit some open shots so the Utes don’t suffer a offensive power outage, which we’re so used to seeing.

Two other names which will come into play are Sedrick Barefield and Donnie Tillman. Barefield, if he keeps his hot shooting up, could be the difference in this game. He takes this team to another level. Also, Tillman has the ability to give the bench a big boost with his hustle, rebounding, and scoring in the paint. He’s going to have some big minutes, which he’ll need to be ready for.

Here we go, let’s end this season right.