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Oregon vs Utah at the Pac-12 Tournament Open Thread

NCAA Basketball: Utah at Colorado Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Here we go! Post season play is here and the Utes and the Ducks are about to square off in Vegas. This isn’t the best matchup for the Utes, even considering the one win in Eugene, because of Oregon’s athleticism. Hopefully, a late night overtime game against Washington State has taken some of the bounce out of Oregon’s legs for tonight.

As I say so often, the guard line is going to be major for the Utes. Especially once the trapping and the pressing begins, Justin Bibbins, Sedrick Barefield, Parker Van Dyke and others have to be smart with the ball and not force anything. If Utah has 14+ turnovers, I don’t think they win this game. Allowing Oregon to get easy buckets is what they thrive off of. If David Collette can’t go, it will be critical to see who will step up in his place. I’m hoping we see Tyler Rawson step up and have a big game. He’s capable of it, but he’s been streaky from the field the last little while. Jayce Johnson will be big too with his ability to clog up the the paint on defense and getting important rebounds. He did a nice job in the 2nd half against CU doing just that.

It’s the season of win and move on, hopefully Utah get’s it started right tonight.