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The biggest takeaways from Utah spring football

NCAA Football: Heart of Dallas Bowl-Utah vs West Virginia Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

The long stretch until actual college football games being back is here, so let’s take a brief look back at spring football and highlight some of the key takeaways.

Tyler Huntley is the No. 1 QB

Not that this was really a question, but with a high profile quarterback recruit coming in, everyone always wonders if they will be able to dethrone the starting QB. Well, based on spring, that’s not going to be the case. Now, Jack Tuttle is a quick learner, and his skill is evident, he could make a push in the fall, but as of now Huntley is a comfortable No. 1 on the depth chart. He led multiple drives in the biggest scrimmage of the spring against the No. 1 defense (sans a few starters), and he made it look easy. He hit his guys in stride, moved the chains easily, and he leaned on his run game at times too. The progress that Huntley has made, and hopefully will continue to make over the summer and into the fall, is very exciting to see.

The secondary is deep

Not a huge shock here either, but Utah’s secondary had a nice spring too, even without the likes of Jaylon Johnson and Marquise Blair. Guidry, Blackmon, Nurse and others played well, and really showed that Utah will have a nice rotation of guys they can throw out there at any time. This may be the deepest the secondary at Utah has been, and that’s saying something since Chase Hansen is moving to linebacker. This will be a group to watch, as we move into the season, because we all know how much the Pac-12 leans on the passing attacks. The question is can the pass rush match the secondary?

The offense looks more in sync and comfortable

Tyler Huntley, Zack Moss and co look more comfortable under the guidance of second year offensive coordinator Troy Taylor. Decisions were made faster, routes were run cleaner, and the offensive line had better protection. Sure, it’s only spring, but you can tell having a season under their belt will help the offense dramatically going forward. Going forward, the hope if that the offene can continue to evolve and improve. Taylor helped improve the pass game last season, and as the season went along the Utes got better in the red zone, what can Taylor continue to improve upon as we move forward, that will be fun to watch. Getting the core of the offense back is huge, and it will be interesting to see how Taylor integrates a weapon like Britain Covey. This offense can be really potent this year, as long as they stay healthy.

What take aways did you have from spring? Did anything stand out to you or surprise you? And what has you most excited?