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Utah picks up a 2018 addition to the offensive line

NCAA Football: Arizona at Utah Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Every year the program seems to pick up a late addition in the summer as we head into the season, this season is no different. The Utes picked up a 2018 addition from a Mt San Antonio offensive tackle in Bernard “Beeno” Schirmer.

Per our friends over at, Schirmer had a bit of a long strange journey, and was getting some looks from ASU and USC over the last couple of seasons — the Trojans most recently. He stands at 6-6 and 290 pounds, so he may be a bit light, but he’s going to have the time to put on some weight. He has three years to play three, which is one heck of bonus by getting this guy to join. Utah has been loading up on the trenches in the early parts of the 2019 class, and now this late addition to the 2018 group. Utah will be turning over some linemen over the next couple of seasons, and it’s advantageous to have groups built up behind the current starters. It’ll be interesting to see how Schirmer integrates into the program, but I’d expect to maybe not see him this year. I usually don’t expect to see linemen come in right away and contribute... at least more of then than not.