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Matt Gay named to the Lou Groza award watch list

NCAA Football: Utah at Washington Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

In one of the most obvious announcements in the watch list season, Matt Gay being named to the Lou Groza Award watch list is about as obvious as it gets. The 2017 winner, Gay had an incredible season last year, and brought the program their first ever Groza trophy. He’s part of the one-two punch that make’s Utah’s special teams so damn good. Once the Utes get to about the 35 yard line, you can pretty much put three points on the board for Utah. Coach Whittingham said during Pac-12 media day that Gay could hit from 60+ yards depending on weather conditions. He hit a couple 56 yarders last year, so I buy what Whitt is selling.

Now, going into 2018, the less we see Gay on the field the better, at least for field goals. I’m hoping we see a ton of PATs, because that means Utah’s offense has taken it a notch or two, and are likely winning more games at that point. Regardless, it’s nice to know, especially in late game scenarios, if needed, Matty Ice will put it through the uprights.