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Utah enters final week of fall camp with solid Monday practice

NCAA Football: Washington at Utah Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

We’re so close to the season, just think next week is game week. I’m so jacked up. We are now in the final week of fall camp before the team moves to game prep late this week and next week. Let’s dive in...

Bill Riley had Guy Holliday on his show today, and they talked about his wide outs, one of the most talked about groups on the team this fall.

This is great to see with Simpkins. He’s been talking a big game, saying he’s the best wide receiver in the Pac-12. He’s played well in media sessions, including that crazy back of end zone catch last week. It sounds like it’s been happening when the practices are closed too. If Simpkins can take a big leap, that will be huge for the Utah offense. With him and Covey almost impossible to bring down, and the reliability of Mariner, there are a lot of weapons.

Guy shouted out a couple of his other guys, including Covey and Mariner, but also Bryan Thompson. Thompson is a name that’s floated out there for a while, and was coming on last season before getting injured. He’s a name that fans really need to keep an eye on, because he has giant potential.

Josh Furlong tweeted out a bit on the scrimmage from Saturday, that we were able to get reaction to today. Obviously, if one side plays well the other side wants to clean stuff up. Saturday the offense played well, and Coach Scalley said the defense needs to clean stuff up. This is the give and take I’ve been talking about. Troy Taylor said in an interview, and it was reinforced with this from Scalley, that the offense did well in the redzone. That is music to my ears, after the struggles of the last couple of years.In fairness, the team did better in the redzone the last half or so of the year last season.

... that’s about the only thing I can say about that. 62ish yards in a scrimmage and also a couple in practice on Monday, and they could have hit maybe from 70?!? Now, obviously 70 is nuts, especially in a game environment, but don’t be surprise if they go for 60+ this year, especially end of half scenarios.

Nick Ford is fighting to hold onto that last spot on the line, but it’s great to see him being pushed by Umana. They are likely locked in everywhere on the line now, and it’s just tightening things up, which is what I want to see. At this point, it should be all about getting ready for the season, and perfecting the playbook.

Man, can the season come any faster?