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Wednesday’s Utah football practice recap

NCAA Football: Heart of Dallas Bowl-Utah vs West Virginia Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Another open media day for practice, and another day of really similar storylines, or in some cases the same. That’s great news though, in Utah’s case, since the storylines have been pointing in the right direction and have been positive.

Josh does a great job summing up what so many of us want to hear as we move toward the season. First, the energy, which Coach Whitt reinforced in his statement has remained high throughout camp, and that the team is focused all the way through. Second, Huntley has control of the offense and is very confident. He was confident last season, but he didn’t have control, at least in camp thus far, he has both. Lastly, receivers are making plays, and that’s going to be huge for the Utes this season.

That catch by Mariner made waves around Twitter, and Tyreke Lewis had excellent coverage. It sounds like he’s stepping into that No. 1 wideout role nicely.

Sounds like the coaches really know who all the starters are going to be, but will name them later. There have been plenty of camps in the past where some position groups weren’t settled until right before the opener, or even right after. To know who is playing where, and what the two deep is going to look like going into game prep is very comforting and great news for the team, as they can focus in on their responsibilities.

As camp goes along, new guys don’t have the drum and feather on their helmet, because they need to earn them by their play. This is a cool video as players reward their teammates with the decal for their helmet, which officially makes them a Utes. I love videos like this.

This is what I was eluding to earlier. This team is focuses and they are motivated to win and win big this season. Now the rubber needs to meet the road going forward, but you combine what we’ve been hearing from practice and how confident some of the coaches and players are, it sounds like the pieces are falling into place.