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Utah names their 2018 football captains

The Utah football season is starting in just under two weeks, and one of the final steps for the team and coaching staff before the season starts is naming the captains. The players have voted and the team voted for the following guys to be their captains.

  • Lo Falemaka
  • Tyler Huntley
  • Cody Barton
  • Chase Hansen
  • Mitch Wishnowsky
  • Matt Gay

Most of those names should be no surprise, and I’m really happy to see Huntley in that group. While I don’t think it’s neccessary for the QB to be a captain, I do think it does help, and shows how assertive the QB is and that he has the teams respect and attention. I think Lo Falemaka is a great choice too, and it’s great that he and Huntley can help lead the offensive side fo the ball.

Chase Hansen is no surprise, he’s no doubt a leader and a guy that players look up to. He’s been around for a long time, and he’s as smart of a player as you can get on that side of the ball. Cody Barton is a name that is surprising people. He struggled for a stretch when he first got on the field, but he really caught fire in the last half of last year, and it sounds like that has carried over into this season. To have your two defensive captains in the middle of the field is great.

Lastly, Matt Gay and Mitch Wishnowsky, well, that’s no surprise at all.