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Block U Week 1 Pac-12 Power Poll

PlayStation Fiesta Bowl - Penn State v Washington Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The season is here! This is going to be a big season for the Pac-12, after a down season in 2017 but I think the league has a ton of potential to do big things this season.

Here is our first Pac-12 power poll for this season, and we are all pretty much in line with each other with a bit of difference in some areas. Here’s each of our rankings along with our overall ranking:

Week 1 Pac-12 Power Poll

Shane Alex Brittany AJ Overall
Shane Alex Brittany AJ Overall
Washington Washington Washington Washington Washington
Utah USC USC Stanford Stanford
Stanford Stanford Stanford Utah USC
USC Utah Oregon USC Utah
Oregon Arizona Utah Oregon Oregon
Arizona Oregon UCLA Arizona Arizona
Cal UCLA Arizona Washington State UCLA
Washington State ASU ASU UCLA Washington State
ASU Cal Washington State Cal Cal
UCLA Washington State Cal Colorado ASU
Colorado Colorado Oregon State ASU Colorado
Oregon State Oregon State Colorado Oregon State Oregon State

Washington is the consensus No. 1 team for all of us, which is no surprise. We all juggle around Utah, USC and Stanford in that No. 2 spot, and I legitimately see an argument for each one of those schools to go there. I had the Utes the highest, because I believe outside of Washington they are the best team in all three phases of the game. I also edged Stanford over USC, because I feel like the Trojans have talent, but they are rebuilding in a lot of areas, and I believe in David Shaw.

Brittany is a bit higher on UCLA than the rest of us, and that’s likely due to the fact that Chip Kelly brings a lot of intrigue to that school. He may shock the rest of us, but I think it will take him a year or so to get some players in there that fits what he wants to do. I’m also a bit higher on Cal than everyone else, I believe they can build off of a nice season and take a step forward, and I’m interested to see what they can do this season.

Overall, how would you rank the Pac-12 teams, and do you think we’re far off?