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3 Keys for Utah Over Weber State

San Jose State v Utah Photo by George Frey/Getty Images

We are finally getting ready for a football game, as the Utes take on Weber State in the 2018 season opener. Weber State isn’t an average FCS opponent, being led by former Ute Jay Hill, but it is a team that Utah should put away. With that said, here are some keys that I’d like to see Thursday at Rice-Eccles Stadium

Huntley needs to make plays

We’ve heard, and in some cases seen, Tyler Huntley look sharp in practices, and appears to have taken the next step. What I want to see him do against Weber State is have complete control of the offense and be efficient in the throw game. Mostly, I really want to see him really control the game from the pocket, and avoid the run game as much as possible. I don’t really want to see him have more than seven rushes on the game, and that he goes 70% from the pocket in the throw game.

Offensive line needs to dominate

I expect Zack Moss to do what he does, but so much of what Utah’s going to want to accomplish is going to based around how well the line plays. Going against smaller defenders I don’t want to see Huntley running for his life in pass plays and I don’t want to see Moss get taken down in the backfield. These are the guys that are going to set the tone for not only this game, but the season. Along with all that, I want to see no stupid penalties that kill drives and take points off the board.

Defensive line needs to control Weber

This one is simple, I want to see the Weber QB run for his life and no big gains on the ground... I mean is that so much to ask? I was to see the defensive line, like the offensive line, set the tone for the game and the season. That means Sack Lake City makes a return, and we see the Weber offense be uncomfortable for 60 minutes.

Honestly, when you add all these keys up, I just want to see a cleanly executed game on both sides of the ball. No turnovers, good 3rd down percentages, and controlling the line of scrimmage. It’s a simple game plan, but Weber will put up a battle, so Utah better be prepared to come to play, and due to all the reports, I expect they will.