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Highlight round up from the Weber State win

NCAA Football: Weber State at Utah Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

The Utes kicked off the season with a win on Thursday night over Weber State, and while things started slowly, there were plenty of highlights to look back at and enjoy. I’ve went and tried to pull together some of the best ones and here they are below.

One of the plays that made the press box, and everybody else, get out of their seats, Britain Covey’s scramble after a busted trick play is one people will be talking about for a long time. Going from what would have been a big loss to a 38 yard gain is beyond impressive.

The defense was nasty last night, and the Utes were in the backfield all game long. I thought Weber should have taken a knee in the 3rd quarter so their guys would get out of there healthy.

We saw a lot of under center play against Weber State last night, and a lot of tight end catches, which both of those are strange. Freshman Cole Fotheringham opened up the scoring for the Utes, and I just love the way that the Utes use the tight ends on those drag routes out of the backfield. I hope that stays in the playbook.

Marquise Blair just bloodied dudes up last night. He looked quick and decisive after coming back from a knee injury. He is just one of a big group of guys in that defensive secondary that will make people pay this season, and he’s another in the line of #SafetyPride.

Zack Moss kicked off his season the right way, highlighted by the 86 yard touchdown run in the second quarter. The most impressive part of this run was how we pulled away from the defensive backs when he got into the open field. Reports are he put on 10 pounds of muscle in the off season, and improved his speed. That’s a scary combo.

Look at where Moss caught the ball and that he scored. This is the stretch of the game where he had Utah on his shoulders. His pass catching capabilities will be a huge asset during this season, and Huntley will lean on it no doubt.

Wishnowsky has the green light to pull down a punt at anytime, and he made a defender for Weber look foolish in this highligh.

Another freshman tight end pulling in a touchdown, on a great looking route and a pretty pass from Huntley. It will be interesting to see how much tight ends are used going forward.

QB2 Jason Shelley had some big highlights, including this deep ball to Jaylen Dixon. Dixon was very productive in spring, as was Shelley. I’m really excited to see more from Dixon, because I think he’ll get a lot of run this season.

Shelley showed off his wheels in this highlight. The dude is fast, smooth, and very elusive.

And here are some full game highlights, so check those out.