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Week two of Utah football fall camp kicks off with a great practice

Utah v Arizona Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Week two of fall kicked off Monday morning, and as I’ve been doing, I’ve pulled in some of the best tweets from around the Twittersphere to give you a glimpse of what’s happening on the hill, with some of my commentary as well.

I’m really excited to see this wide receiver corps come together. I think they’re deep and talented. I’m not sure who the No. 1 guy is right this second, but I know the names Mariner, Covey and Simpkins are all fighting for it. I think Mariner, with his size and hands, has the capability to be the most dangerous guy on the field, followed by the elusiveness of Covey. I really think we may see a bunch of guys with good yardage numbers this year, and maybe not that dominant guy like with Darren Carrington a season ago.

I love this Tweet from Josh Furlong, as it appears the offense is counter punching the defense now, which is what we want to see. Now, I’m not sure if offense won the day, really, but for them to hold their own, at least during the media session, is encouraging. The hope if by the time we get closer to kick off, that the two sides are bouncing back and forth and who is winning the day.

Here’s some big news too, although Coach Whitt did play it a bit close to his vest on who is separating and by how far. I’m with Josh that it’s probably Tuttle, but I still wouldn’t count out Shelly. He has a great ability to make plays, and he showed well in spring. With that said, the bullets now are firing a little faster and a little more real, so over the coming days that separation may get very real, very fast.

Of course, the news of losing Devonta’e Henry-Cole for the season hurts, but the Utes have some depth there for the No. 3 spot at running back. Troy Taylor calling out Brumfield is exciting to see, so the Utes can continue to develop running backs for coming years. With DHC redshirting now, and with Brumfield and TJ Green, the Utes have a solid core of running backs that they can continue to build around as the seasons go along, and as Moss and Shyne move on.

Now that the pads are on at practice, we should really start to see things solidify in the areas that weren’t previously. Namely the offensive line, which sounds like it’s rounding out with Nick Ford closing in on that final spot. Also, the wide receiving group, defensive line and line backers should all shake out very soon. I expect the coaches will have everything pretty much locked down at the end of this week or sometime next week. Having a veteran team like this helps with so much, including getting your top 11 guys ready on both sides of the ball, and to develop depth as well.

Make sure to check out some of the notes from the article earlier on the addition on Pirtle and more on DHC’s injury.