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Wednesday Utah fall camp practice recap

Utah v Arizona Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

We’re getting into the dog days of fall camp now, as we are approaching the midway mark of camp, and we’re about a week and a half away from game prep for the Utes. That means guys are getting a bit banged up, and it’s now about managing the attrition that comes with four weeks of practice in hot weather.

Let’s jump into some reactions from one of my favorites, Josh Furlong (make sure to follow him if you haven’t), around Twitter and discuss them a bit.

As I mentioned, the Utes are going to probably be juggling some guys throughout camp, just to keep guys healthy and fresh before the season. Coach Whitt confirmed that today, as it seems the grind of fall camp is kicking in, especially since they put on the pads a few days ago. To me, this is the breathe holding time, just so the Utes can get through this time healthy.

Here’s a bit of a wrinkle coming to the Utah offense, more under center maybe? We saw it a bit at times last season, but it sounds like it may be more in the game plan as the Utes go forward. I think in redzone and goal line situations, it makes a lot of sense, and it’s nice to have that option in the playbook if needed.

Mariner is a beast, and he’s the kind of guy that is built to be a No. 1 wide out. It looks like he may be sliding into that hole that Darren Carrington has left, and is turning into Huntley’s go to guy. Covey has picked up where he left off, as it sounds. Coach Taylor has said that he knew Covey was good, but he didn’t realize how good he was, and he points out his smarts. He did an interview with Bill Riley a few days ago, and the ongoing dialogue that they have, between Taylor and Covey, shows a collaborative relationship, and I think this offense fits Covey so well.

It was reported also that Matt Gay hit a 60 yarder with plenty of room to spare in the media session. That’s a serious weapon. Whitt did say after practice that depending on the situation, they aren’t afraid to put Gay out there with that kind of range during a game.

Lastly, one of the reports that came out today too was the fact that are working on getting about eight guys ready for the offensive line, which is needed for depth this season and going forward. It’s turned into a competitive group and it will be interesting to see how it continues to evolve as we continue through fall camp. The fact that multiple guys can easy slide around may be the best news I’ve heard from that group.