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Block U Pac-12 Power Poll Week 3

NCAA Football: Southern California at Stanford Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports

Up is down and down is up in the Power Poll this week. ASU and Colorado have shot up in our poll this week, after some good wins in week two. Now, to be clear, at least on my end, I still think Utah is better than those two, but they’re playing better right now, which is what matters.

Oregon is all over the map in our rankings, and I’m not sold on them yet. They have put up some big numbers, but against really nobody at this point. Similar story with USC, they appear to have some serious questions to answer as we move deeper into the season. If Cal can settle on a QB, then that’s a team to watch.

As for the bottom, we all have UCLA at 10, since they were never going to compete at OU. Almost everyone has Arizona at the bottom, but I refuse to believe that they are not a better team than Oregon State.

Anyway, here is our power poll for this week:

Pac-12 Power Poll Week 3

Rank Shane Alex Brittany AJ Hunter Overall
Rank Shane Alex Brittany AJ Hunter Overall
1 Washington Stanford Stanford Stanford Stanford Stanford
2 Stanford Washington Washington ASU Oregon Washington
3 ASU ASU Oregon Washington Washington ASU
4 Colorado Colorado ASU Utah ASU Oregon
5 Utah Utah Colorado Colorado USC Colorado
6 Oregon Oregon USC Oregon Utah Utah
7 USC USC Utah Washington State Colorado USC
8 Washington State Washington State Washington State Cal Cal Washington State
9 Cal Cal Cal USC Washington State Cal
11 Arizona Oregon State Oregon State Oregon State Oregon State Oregon State
12 Oregon State Arizona Arizona Arizona Arizona Arizona