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Utah’s uniform combo unveiled for Wazzu game

The Utes are back in action this week, and they have unveiled the uniform combo, which is a great combo. The Utes are going with the black helmet, with the big drum and feather with a white jersey and pants.

This is a pretty rare combo, usually there are black pants partnered with the black helmet. The Utes are taking on Wazzu for their homecoming game, and they going to look great out there with this combo. It’s a similar look as they had for the NIU game, but in that game they had the stain red helmet, hopefully they play much better in this game than they did against NIU.

Overall, the biggest concern for the Utes is whether they figured out the offense during the bye week, because we all know Utah’s going to have to keep up with Wazzu and their passing game. It’s a big week, and one we’re all eager to see how the Utes respond.