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Utah at Northern Illinois Open Thread

NCAA Football: Weber State at Utah Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

The first road game of the season is aways an interesting one, and considering where Utah is traveling to to open the season makes this one a bit more interesting. The Utes are in DeKalb, IL, to take on Northern Illinois in a strange matchup. It is Utah’s first matchup ever against a MAC opponent, and they need to show improvement this week against a team they should beat. If the Utes follow these three keys I outlined yesterday, then they should be ok:

Good offensive line play
Put NIU away
Play clean

Having a P5 team on their home field would be a big deal, so I have no doubt NIU is going to come out swinging. Utah just needs to get in and out of this game with a win, and to stay healthy as they move into conference play next week against Washington.

Join us here to chat about the game.

Go Utes!