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Washington at Utah Basketball Open Game Thread

NCAA Basketball: Utah at Arizona State Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

It’s the Utes against the Huskies tonight at the Huntsman Center, and after a good start last week, this is a game that Utah needs to win to keep up the momentum toward a top seed in the league. The Utes need to keep up their sharp shooting, especially Sedrick Barefield and Donnie Tillman. Those two have been a great one-two punch for the Utes. Also, Timmy Allen has really played well and is the third guy on this team that has proved to be a threat.

What the Utes need to do tonight is take care of the ball. Plain and simple. Against this zone that UW runs, if they are sloppy with the ball, the Huskies will run all night long. That is something that Utah really needs to improve as the season progresses if they want a chance at this thing. They haven’t done it yet, so the track record isn’t good, but if they can figure that out, they have shooters on this team, they’ll be able to put up some points.

Join us and Go Utes!