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Red Rocks continue hot start with big win over ASU

Utah’s historic season continued Saturday night with their fourth straight win of the season, claiming another 197.000+ score for the fourth straight week, a first in the history of the storied program.

As a unit, the Red Rocks were dominant in their first rotation, securing a season best 49.500 on the bars thanks in part to MyKyla Skinner and Missy Reinstadtler’s matching 9.950’s. MaKenna Merrill-Giles’ 9.900 was equally impressive, demonstrating vertical handstands and a flawless dismount.

In stark contrast, the vault proved to be a bit more difficult, as Utah scored a season low of 49.275. MaKenna Merrell-Giles led the Red Rocks with a 9.900, with Skinner’s 9.875 tying with ASU’s Cairo Leonard-Baker for second. Coming in to Saturday’s matchup, the Red Rocks were the top ranked team nationally on the vault, but in spite of the lower-than-average score, Utah still bested the Sun Devils who finished the rotation with 49.050.

On the floor, Utah opened things up with back-to-back-to-back sub 9.900 scores from Kari Lee, Macey Roberts (both posted 9.825’s) and Alexia Burch, who made her season debut on the floor with a 9.775. Sydney Soloski changed the direction for the Red Rocks, scoring her season-high with a 9.925, followed by a 9.900 from Merrell-Giles. Skinner, who petitioned to remain in the floor lineup after the coaching staff tried to rest her, turned in an uncharacteristic 9.850 to finish the rotation.

Mykyla Skinner’s 9.925 led all gymnasts in the beam, sealing her fourth straight all-around victory of the season, giving her a 39.600, barely edging out Merrill-Giles’ 39.575. As a unit, the Red Rocks recorded a 49.275 on the final rotation, leading to a final score of 197.375, easily beating the Sun Devil’s 195.825.

Utah returns home February first to take on the Arizona WIldcats in a Friday night matchup that will be streamed for free through the Utah Live Stream.