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Utes up to No. 6 in latest College Football Playoff rankings

The Utes are the last team standing for the Pac-12 as a contender for the College Football Playoff. After Oregon’s loss at Arizona State this past week, the Utes ascended into the Ducks former spot to No. 6. The Utes now find themselves within striking distance of a spot in that bracket. Of course, many things still have to happen for the Utes to get there, namely take care of their own business, but there is a path. Oregon, who is now No. 14, and their loss does hurt the Utes and their potential resume, but I don’t think it’s crippling.

Ohio State did jump LSU, which was a little bit of a surprise. I think the problem with the four team playoff, as illustrated in many ways, including this one, is does the committee build the playoff based off the “best” team or the “most deserving” team. If you go best, I’d have to say it looks like Ohio State. If you go off most deserving, then the resume LSU has put together is very impressive. I just think the committee talks out of both sides of their mouth on this matter.

Alabama still sits at No. 5, and I was wondering if perhaps the Utes would jump them this week, but we likely won’t see that unless they lose this week, or if Utah wins out and wins the conference. Oklahoma is behind Utah, and some people are worried about that, and if OU may jump the Utes. Again, similar to the LSU/Ohio State debate, “best” or “deserving” may come up in the debate between OU and Utah. Now, I think Utah’s resume will stack up ok with OUs, but OU will likely have more ranked wins over the Utes. With that said, Utah’s been dump trucking people, and OU has been squeaking by some pretty mediocre to bad teams.

Regardless, it doesn’t matter as Utah needs to be focused on Colorado this week, and continue to prove to people why they belong in the conversation. Take care of the Buffs and move on from there.

Here’s the full rankings: