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Utah falls to Texas in Alamo Bowl

NCAA Football: Alamo Bowl-Utah vs Texas Erich Schlegel-USA TODAY Sports

The defense was missing key pieces in the backend and it showed. The offense was flat for most of the game. Special teams gave up a monster play. Add all that up and Utah got thumped by Texas.

The Utah offense that we saw for 12 weeks this season continues to be MIA, as they couldn’t consistently put drives together. The offensive line was better as the game progressed, but another sub par effort by them. Huntley didn’t play well as he continued to press. I didn’t see a ton of passion from the group as the game happened, and it showed in their execution.

Not having Blackmon and Johnson really hurt, as the new guys that stepped in just couldn’t quiet fill their shoes. Normal plays where those dudes would be were just not being made.

It also didn’t help that Utah gave Texas multiple short fields, either from special teams or fourth down failures, to really make them grind out drive after drive.

Utah ends the season 11-3 and now moves forward with an effort to rebound going into spring ball.