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SEC homer Paul Finebaum unites rivals and more after garbage take on ESPN

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NCAA Football: Colorado at Utah Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

For those of us in the western part of the United States, we have some disadvantages with the teams we root for, namely we are two or three time zones behind a lot of the media members. That means that a lot of media members out there don’t do their job, you know, their job of watching sports in the comfort of their own home after the clock strikes 10pm eastern time. Enter Paul Finebaum, a name that many western college sports fans may not be that familiar with, or may now just be learning his name. Well, Finebaum has been a radio host in SEC territory for years, and now he has a national platform with ESPN, because he says stupid stuff all the time and that’s a thing now. Well, on this morning's edition of “Get Up” on ESPN, hosted by Mike Greenburg, Finebaum had this to say:

The country does not want to see Utah in the CFP? Really. A guy that may not be able to name a starter on Utah’s team, pick out Utah on a map, or can stay awake after 8:30pm eastern time before says the country doesn’t want to Utah in the CFP. What a garbage, lazy take.

Here’s what Hans Olsen tweeted out yesterday, that shows how good this Utah team has been this season, because I know Finebaum didn’t use a football argument:

And as if hell has frozen over, even BYU supporters are coming out to back the Utes, including homer Dick Harmon:

And lastly, some national guys came to the Utes defense:

Of course, let’s just say the Utes took notice...

At the end of the day, I love that guys like Finebaum are coming out and saying what they’re saying. I have little doubt that this will be played and mentioned a time or two in the facility this week as the Utes prepare for Oregon. If there’s something that the Utes are good at, it’s playing with a chip on their shoulder.

Of course, the Utes have a big task to take on No. 13 Oregon on Friday to fully assert themselves into this conversation on Sunday. If Utah gets the win, they’ll have a very strong argument to get into that final four.

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