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Utah vs Arizona State Open Game Thread

The Utes are looking to finish the revenge sweep of the Arizona schools tonight. They got the Wildcats off their back a few nights ago, now it’s time to take on the Devils. The Utes are going for the season sweep of ASU so it’ll be a tough task.

Utah is playing some of their best basketball of the season in the current three game win streak, but Sedrick Barefield has hit a bit of a funk. He needs to get back into his rhythm, because the team is going to need him to at some point.

Let’s see if PVD can keep up his hot shooting, and if Jayce Johnson can keep up one of his best stretches of his career.

For the Utes, if they can keep up the clean play, and stick with the low turnover numbers, like they did against Arizona, they’ll be in great shape.

Let’s get this sweep.