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Utah at Washington Open Game Thread

NCAA Basketball: Utah at UCLA Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

The Utes will be without Timmy Allen. I feel like that’s the appropriate way to open up, because that is a major loss for the Utes against the best team in the league. Sounds like Allen is battling some back pain, and has been for a while. It may make sense to rest him tonight and have him ready hopefully for Wazzu in a couple of days.

Without Allen, Donnie Tillman is going to be a major key for the Utes. He’s faded over the last handful of games, but he will get plenty of opportunities tonight. Sed Barefield also has to rediscover sharp shooting tonight. He’s hit a bit of a slump over the last couple of weeks. And the Utes are going to need another guy step up tonight, perhaps it could be Riley Battin, who has played really well for stretches. The minutes will be there for guys, and the shots will be too. Regardless, UW is the class of the league this year, and that’s not too high of a compliment.

Let’s watch some #Pac12AfterDark basketball style.

Go Utes!