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Six Utah football players head to the NFL Combine

NCAA Football: Holiday Bowl-Northwestern vs Utah Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Spring football is coming up, but for six now-former Utah football players, they are going to interview/audition for the biggest jobs of their young lives. Jackson Barton, Cody Barton, Chase Hansen, Matt Gay, Mitch Wishnowsky and Marquise Blair are all in Indianapolis for the NFL Draft Combine.

The “underwear olympics” are some of the most interesting in all of sport. Throughout this week the players will be sized up in their underwear, measured from all angles, and interviewed from most if not all teams. Interviews in the past have had some strange, if not down right inappropriate questions for various players.

I expect Blair to shine at an event like this. He is an athletic freak, as evidence by some of his missile seeking tackles he had during his career. He showed well at the Senior Bowl, and has all the tools you’d like from a free safety, like an Eric Weddle. The question for him will be his discipline, as evidence from his multiple ejections during his career at Utah. His speed and aggression will no doubt catch a team’s eye and he’ll get drafted.

I’m not sure if an event like this will benefit a guy like Chase Hansen, I think his game film is where he’ll hang his hat. I also imagine he’ll be very successful with his interviews as well. I’m very curious what kind of speed numbers Chase puts up, because that could make a huge difference for him.

We’ll keep an eye on all the players as they participate in this week’s events.

Per, here is the schedule for the week:

Combine workout schedule:

» Friday, Mar 1: RB, OL, ST, PK (Jackson Barton, Matt Gay, Mitch Wishnowsky)

» Saturday, Mar 2: QB, WR, TE

» Sunday, Mar 3: DL, LB (Cody Barton, Chase Hansen)

» Monday, Mar 4: DB (Marquise Blair)