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USC at Utah Open Game Thread

We’re coming down the home stretch with the final two games of the regular season for the Utes being this week at home. For the Utes, sweep UCLA and USC and get a bye in the conference tournament. Split and things get a bit dicey. Get swept and prepare to play staring next Wednesday.

The Utes have wins over both LA schools already, and seem to be healthy with Timmy Allen back. What Utah needs to do, especially starting tonight against USC, is avoid the long droughts. Against CU there were multiple five minute droughts, the Utes can’t do that again. Utah also needs the three ball to fall for them, unlike in Boulder. If Utah can get everyone that normally is dangerous from beyond the arc hitting open shots, that will put them in a good position. Lastly, the Utes need to take care of the ball, especially against USC, and avoid live ball turnovers. Slow USC down and make it a half court game.

These are the last two home games of Sedrick Barefield’s career, and he needs to go out with a bang.

Join us as the game happens here.