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Kristina Baskett, a former Red Rock, was the major star in Game of Thrones in Sunday night’s episode... kind of

Game Of Thrones: The Touring Exhibtion - Press Conference Photo by Charles McQuillan/Getty Images

Ok, if you’re like me and trillions of other people (that sounds about right), you are watching Game of Thrones. GoT is scientifically the best TV show of all time. Don’t bother questioning the science, just go with it. Last night SPOILER ALERT Arya Stark took down the Night King on an epic leap and rope-a-dope move. If you didn’t jump out of your chair when Arya was in mid-air, then there’s a problem.

Well, as it turns out, Arya’s stunt double was none other than former Red Rock All-American and Hollywood stunt double Kristina Baskett. Check out Baskett’s full resume on IMDB, she has some impressive credits to her name.

Before she went Hollywood, Baskett was a 12-time All-American at Utah, won the uneven bars title as a freshman, and helped anchor the Utes to three straight runner up finishes at the NCAA National Championships between 2006-2009. She was at the U when I was in school up there, and between her and Ashley Postell, they were kind of a one-two punch of a couple of seasons for the Utes, and were some of the best to ever compete for the Utes.

Now we can see more of her, well, kind of, when he’s helping Arya take down Cersei in King’s Landing.


It seems that Baskett wasn’t the double in the big scene, but rather Maisie Williams did that herself. Regardless, Arya Stark is like 12 Baskett, or whatever.