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Utah’s 2020 Draft prospects should have NFL excited

NCAA Football: Utah at Colorado Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

We just wrapped up the 2019 NFL Draft and all the hype around it, where five Utah players got taken. Now, we can look forward to the 2020 class, where the Utes may have a serious run on players being picked. The 2020 class may be able to rival the 2017 class, because there are some big names that will be coming out for the Utes. Athlon Sports listed their top 25 prospects for the 2020 draft from the Pac-12, and the Utes had five names on that list: Jaylon Johnson, Leki Fotu, Zack Moss, Julian Blackmon and Bradlee Anae

That’s four seniors and one junior to-be with Jaylon Johnson. Of course, the question with Johnson is if he’s going to end up coming out, which is more than likely with him probably being a top 2 or 3 round draft pick (if not better). Athlon has Jaylon as the 3rd rated prospect in the Pac-12. No doubt, he is just a flat out stud, and he has been since he stepped on campus. He essentially shuts down one side of the field and allows the other guys to make some plays.

I’m curious what happens with Moss, because of the era of running back that we’re in. If this was 10 years ago, Moss is a 1st round pick. Now day, I’m not sure where he falls. With a 1700 yard season, and a major win season for the Utes, he could get into the 1st round, but it’s such a crap shoot for backs now. I can’t wait to see what Moss does to opposing defenses this coming season, he just needs to stay healthy.

Anae and especially Fotu look like 3rd round-ish picks to me, I’m very curious what happens with Julian Blackmon. He was a very good corner his sophomore year, and there were some struggles his junior year. It turns out he went to the coaches and said he wanted to move to safety, and based on the results in the spring, the right move was made. Blackmon has good speed, size and instincts and I think he may be able to have a Marcus Williams type effect on the safety spot. I don’t think he’s a 2nd rounder, but I think he could be dynamic back there and could get some serious looks as a draft prospect.

What other names have been left out that may get called next April?

Here’s the full list by Athlon.