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Jayce Johnson reportedly transferring to Marquette

NCAA Basketball: Oregon at Utah Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

The Utah basketball roster carousel continues to turn as it appears that Jayce Johnson is on his way to Marquette. The senior-to-be entered the transfer portal a couple of months ago and has been taking trips around the country the last few weeks.

The 7-footer came into the program has a highly touted 4-star recruit out of California, and fans were excited to have him. Even at one point, after he got on campus early, fans were wondering if he’d be able to play due to some injuries to the team. Well, once he stepped on the floor he never quite lived up to his recruiting star rating. Johnson was always a bit awkward on the floor, especially on the offensive side of the ball. He struggled often times to get the ball in the hoop from point blank range, and his athleticism and coordination were lacking much of the time. Fortunately, during this past season, he developed a solid defensive game and was a constant presence down low. He was also a punch that Utah needed when the Utes needed a rebounding punch. He thrived off of loose balls and rebounding. He was always a try hard guy, and his effort was always appreciated, but it was frustrating at times to watch him with the ball in his hands.

For the Utes, this frees up a scholarship, and with all the guys that are coming on campus, every scholarship matters. For Johnson, I hope he lands in a good spot and gets some good playing time. I think this is a positive for both parties involved, as the Utes hope to rebuild the roster around some more guys that can put the ball in the basket.