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Utah Men’s Basketball team hit with NCAA sanctions for recruiting violations

NCAA Basketball: Utah at Arizona State Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

In some news that hit Tuesday morning, the Utah athletic department announced that the NCAA has hit them with some sanctions due to some recruiting violations that were self reported by the school. Per the official release:

“The recruiting violations centered on a misreading of the NCAA calendar and a misinterpretation of the official visit limitations. Though the calendar oversight resulted in Utah coaches visiting a prospect at his high school during a period when in-person, off-campus recruiting was impermissible, the staff did follow all institutional policies and procedures in coordinating the visit. The coaches also inadvertently triggered an official visit when the same prospect made an unofficial visit to Utah in connection with his official visit to Salt Lake Community College, which also was interested in the prospect.

Although Utah carefully adhered to its understanding of the rules relating to unofficial visits when the prospect came to Salt Lake City, the NCAA classified the visit to Utah’s campus as official, thus exceeding the number of permitted official visits for the recruiting period.”

This is like a speeding ticket, but I don't love the look that it gives the program. I’m happy the school self reported, but with all the transfers and everything, I just hate to see any sloppiness coming out of the program.

As for the penalties they are as follows, many self imposed, with some by the NCAA:

  • 2 year probationary period
  • $5,000 fine
  • one- week suspension of the coach (sounds like this has already been served)
  • reprimands for the coaches
  • recruiting limitations on off-campus recruiting and official visits
  • prohibited coaches from any on-campus interactions with SLCC’s coaches, or from recruiting any basketball players from SLCC for one year.
  • off-campus reciting ban for assistant coach in July 2019
  • one-year ban with the SLCC former head coach
  • publicizing the violation in the media guide, website and prospective recruits
  • two-game suspension for Coach K (which was overturned)

Obviously a lot of slaps on the wrists, and I hope things like this are nipped in the bud more going forward.