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Idaho State at Utah Open Game Thread

It’s game time at the U, and the Utes are taking on Idaho State in the final non-conference game of the season. The Utes need to just take care of business and move on to the task next Friday with a trip to USC on the docket. Ideally, the Utes get business taken care of in just one half, and get a lot of dudes some run in the second half. I want to see Jason Shelley, Jordan Wilmore, and a bunch of young guys to be developed for the future.

After this week, it’s a sprint to a potential Rose Bowl, so Utah needs to take this opportunity to get things cleaned up. I would love to see some explosive plays in the pass game, not that Utah needs to bomb it, but I’d like to see some big chunk plays in that phase of the game. Also, it will be nice to see the kicking game some run and some action, since that’s still a big question mark.

Join us here for the game...

Go Utes!