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Grading out the Utes win over Washington State

NCAA Football: Washington State at Utah Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

Offense - A

The Utah offense was fantastic against the Cougars of Washington State on Saturday night. As Utah fans, I’m not sure you could have asked for a more balanced, well rounded offensive attack from the Utes, especially coming off of a week where the offense, and play calling, looked lost for a majority of the game. Both in the passing game and the running game, the Utes were dominant. Three Utah receivers finished with a career-high in receiving yards, with Nacua, Enis and Thompson all recording new career-highs. Additionally, Devonta’e Henry Cole finished with 79-yards and touchdown catch at the RB position. No Zack Moss, no Britain Covey, no problem for this Utah offense. Washington State isn’t known for having a highly talented defense, but regardless, it was about as good of a performance as you could have asked for from this Utah offense.

Defense - A+++

You thought the offense was good last night? Buddy, you may want to be sitting down for this. The performance from the Utah defense was as good of a performance as I have ever seen them play. 52.8. That’s how many points Washington State was averaging coming into this game. Utah held them to 13, one TD and two field goals. 9. That’s how many touchdowns Anthony Gordon threw a week ago for WSU, and how many times in-a-row Utah has beaten BYU. This Utah secondary held him to one. 605. That’s how many yards WSU averaged per game. Utah defense held them to 313. 500. That’s how many yards WSU was passing for each week. They only managed 252 against the Utes. The Utah defense was in a word, dominant. They came into this week with something to prove after being embarrassed by USC and they did exactly that.

Special Teams - D

I don’t know what else can be said about this years’ special teams unit, particularly the kicking game. Everything is thinking it so I’m just going to say it, the kickers stink. Not to say that they can’t get any better by the end of the season but they desperately need to step it up. This week it was a missed 33-yard field goal, which was ironically followed up by an on-field contest that involved a middle-aged man drilling a field goal from a similar distance during the timeout. Maybe Utah can look into to see if that guy has any eligibility left, or maybe they can just figure it out with the kickers they have on the roster now. Either way, the special teams is in dire need of some improvement.