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Running back TJ Green enters transfer portal

NCAA Football: Arizona at Utah Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Just like Jaylen Dixon a few days ago, another Ute has entered the transfer portal after falling down the depth chart. TJ Green, the young Utah running back, has entered his name into the portal after seemingly dropping below four other running backs on the depth chart. Coach Whitt even said as much in his press conference just a few days ago, while he did give Green some credit, he did say that he was behind all the running backs after the scrimmage.

The guys that will be lining up to take the reps this fall/winter are Devin Brumfield, Jordan Wilmore, Ty Jordan, and Micah Bernard. It seems that the job would be between Brumfield and Wilmore, but Jordan has been getting a lot of praise from Coach Whitt and staff, so he may see a lot of time this season.

As for Green, he’s a very talented running back and will no doubt be a big contributor for some squad out there. He just had the misfortunate of landing in arguably the most talented collective group of running backs Utah has ever had.

This is going to be a very fun group to watch, and behind an experienced offensive line, they should be a great unit.