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Utah suspends spring football practices

NCAA Football: Idaho State at Utah Rob Gray-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been a whirlwind couple of days in the world of sports, and that doesn’t change with the announcement that spring football will be suspended. The program just got one week of spring practices under their belt before spring break, and of course, that also coincided with all the coronavirus news.

The question that everyone is thinking, at least for many topics, is what’s next? The entire country is shut down in everything, especially athletically, but when does it come back? Will we see spring ball resume? Not that it’s the most important thing out there, but within the context of college football spring practices are a big deal, especially for a program in Utah’s position where there are so many new questions that need to be answered.

I have seem some speculation online that perhaps we’ll see spring ball pick back up in a couple of weeks, assuming things are improving at that time. I think nobody really knows for sure, but I know it would be a welcome sight if that turns into a possibility.

The following questions remain, and will we get an answer of any kind before fall break?

  • Who steps up at QB?
  • How does the o-line improve?
  • Who assumes the top role at running back?
  • Is Covey back to himself (sounds like he is based on the first few days of practice)?
  • How does Utah rebuild the secondary?
  • Will the d-line continue its dominance?

So many questions that we may have to wait until the season before we get some more clarity.

Official press release from the U on the suspension of the spring practices:

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah—In alignment with Pac-12 Conference members, all Utah Athletics team practices and organized athletic activities will be suspended for an indefinite period of time in the best interests of the health of our student-athletes, coaches and staff, in an attempt to help limit the spread of coronavirus.

The decision follows yesterday’s cancellation of all intercollegiate athletics competitions by the Pac-12, Utah Athletics and other athletics organizations. The University of Utah announced Thursday it will transition to online instruction beginning next Wednesday. More information can be found on the University’s COVID-19 website.

Utah’s spring football practices, which began March 2, will not resume as planned after this week’s spring break.

”We understand the seriousness of this worldwide pandemic and support every measure being taken in the interests of public health and safety,” said Mark Harlan, Director of Athletics. “I also want to acknowledge the extreme disappointment our student-athletes are experiencing as they adjust to the finality of this on so many levels. We will continue to support them in every way while giving them the freedom to make the safest and healthiest decisions for them.”

The most important priority of Utah Athletics is to safeguard the health and well-being of our student-athletes, coaches, staff, fans and media. We will continue to monitor all new developments and remain in regular communication with University leadership as we employ the most responsible and cautious approach in alignment with recommendations from state and local health officials.

Further updates regarding Utah Athletics events will be published here as they become available. For the most current information please follow our accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.