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COVID-19 and its impact on UofU athletics

When will life return to normalcy in the midst of the COVDI-19 novel coronavirus pandemic?

Nobody really knows the answer to that question.

What we do know is that college sport is one of the many platforms affected. All athletic and school-sponsored activities have been suspended until further notice because of the pandemic. is working to get reaction from Utah coaches as to how COVID-19 has impacted their respective sport and what it means for recruiting.

We asked the following questions:

-Overall thoughts on COVID-19 and how it has impacted your coaching staff and players.

-How can this virus impact the upcoming season?

-How has COVID-19 impacted or changed offseason recruiting (for example, not being able to do in-person visits, making decisions earlier/later, etc.)?

-Should spring sport athletes (seniors) be granted another year of eligibility?

So far we’ve heard back from Utah men’s basketball head coach Larry Krystkowiak. Through email he sent us the following statement:

“This is certainly uncharted territory for all of us and unlike an earthquake or accident, this is far reaching and long lasting.

It is a time to build relationships and strengthen our program in ways that time normally doesn’t allow. Our focus is on controlling those things within our control and remaining positive. Better days ahead and with perhaps a different outlook after experiencing something of this magnitude.”

What are your thoughts on the coronavirus and its impact on college athletics? Let us know in the comments below.