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Both Gach to test NBA waters

NCAA Basketball: Utah at California Cody Glenn-USA TODAY Sports

Utah junior-to-be Both Gach will be putting his name into the NBA Draft, without an agent, so he can get some feedback from pro scouts. This is a common practice now for college hoops players, especially ones with NBA dreams, so they can learn where they stand, and what they have to work on to potentially make the league. Sedrick Barefield did it before his senior season as well.

Gach has the measurables and athleticism to make it in the NBA, but his game has a long way to go before he’ll hear his name called by Adam Silver. At 6-7, he’s a great modern day NBA guard, with some great length. The problem for Gach is his lack of consistency, especially shooting the ball. It’s pretty feast or famine for the young guard. Gach shoots almost 47% from the field for his career, but struggled this last season shooting just shy of 40%. He shoots 31% from the three point line, and just 25% this past season, and went through a terrible dry spell of almost two months hitting just one three.

Gach is very good at getting into the paint and making some plays, but he does forget to do it at times, which can be baffling. When he’s aggressive getting into the paint, either scoring or setting guys up, he adds an incredible dimension to the team, but it just didn’t happen consistently in 2019-20. I’ve always said that Gach is the barometer for the Utes, as he goes they go.

I fully expect Gach to return in 2020 for his junior season, and if he can improve that jump shot, I think he could have a shot at the league, especially with the increased spacing in the NBA and he ability to get into the paint.

I’m curious if maybe Timmy Allen will put his name into the Draft just to see what scouts tell him, but perhaps he just already knows... shooting, shooting and more shooting.

What do you think of Gach’s pro prospects, especially after another year at Utah?