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Both Gach to Transfer

NCAA Basketball: Utah at California Cody Glenn-USA TODAY Sports

After announcing in April that Utah sophomore wing Both Gach would test the NBA waters, he has withdrawn his name from the NBA Draft and instead of returning to Utah has entered it into the Transfer Portal.

Gach was productive for Utah in 2019-20, averaging 10.7 points, 3.6 rebounds, and 2.9 assists per game. He has the size and physical tools to be a great player. He showed flashes of his sky-high potential at times as a sophomore, but he lacked consistency. He showed tremendous ability to get to the basket, but it seemed at times he forgot he could do that. His jump shot also needs work. As a wing, he only shot under 40% from the field and under 25% from three point land as a sophomore.

His potential and upside are enough that the some big name programs (including Oregon and USC) have reached out to him.

Some said after he announced he would transfer that this move was not unexpected. With the talent Utah has coming in, some experts expected his minutes would be reduced as a junior. Still, this transfer stings for several reasons. Gach was productive and has shown the ability to dominate at times. It is yet another high-profile transfer from the program, so the optics of this are terrible. Lastly, this is another example of an upperclassman contributor leaving the program; Utah’s teams are consistently too young because players like Gach, Donnie Tillman, etc. have transferred after showing promise. Gach also seems like a great person so losing him from the program is a shame.

I think ultimately the optics and how this looks on paper are worse than the actual impact will be on the court, but there is no way to spin this transfer in a positive light. I am fine with the 12th man off the bench transferring or any other player who really does not contribute, that is actually beneficial for the team to free up scholarships for new players who might contribute, but losing upperclassmen contributors has been a problematic trend that has continued for too long for Utah. This year is probably do or die for this Utah coaching staff because of the NCAA Tournament drought and the talent (theoretically) returning and coming into the program.

In any regard, we wish Gach the best of luck wherever he lands!