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Utah athletics cuts budget amidst pandemic

It has taken a bit longer than I expected, but Utah AD Mark Harlan did announced that the University has trimmed about $8 million from the athletic departments budget, which includes salary cuts for Coach Whittingham, Krystkowiak and Harlan himself.

Other universities have taken similar action over the last four months, including others in the PAC-12, like Washington and Colorado. The big hope is to not have to cut any sports, which has happened across the country. The school should be able to avoid that, but of course, the longer this pandemic runs, the harder it gets to maintain so many scholarships — especially if big events like football games don’t happen.

The school has already lost three games, with two of them being home games, and that’s a could million dollars per home game that are lost. Fortunately, the school has been fiscally responsible for a long time, so they should be in stabile shape to weather this storm.