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National Games to Watch: Week 11

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 02 Baylor at Oklahoma State Photo by William Purnell/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

There are seemingly two types of fans in the Utes football camp right now:

  • Those who are willing to lose to Oregon, giving them a clear path to the College Football Playoff, while hoping the Utes fall into the Rose Bowl
  • Those who want Utah to win out and earn a Rose Bowl the old-fashioned way, ultimately relegating the Ducks to the Alamo Bowl.

Here are the national games to keep an eye on this week for whatever camp you may be in.

#6 Michigan vs Penn State - Saturday 10:00 AM MT - ABC

If you’re hoping to see Oregon in the playoffs, Michigan needs to lose to Penn State today. In fact, Ute fans should be collectively hoping for as much chaos in the B1G as possible, starting with a Penn State upset. The PAC-12 needs as many regular-season two-loss teams as possible as insurance for the Ducks.

#8 Oklahoma vs #13 Baylor - Saturday 10:00 AM MT - FOX

The early morning slate also features Miss State vs #18 Auburn, a potential upset that could help the Utes move up in the rankings, but the Sooners vs Bears has greater implications overall. A Baylor victory would cement the Big 12 as a(nother) CFP outlier along with ACC, giving an Oregon team with two hypothetical losses a better than bad chance of sneaking in to the playoffs, assuming chaos ensues elsewhere as the regular season comes to a close.

#19 Purdue vs #4 Ohio State - Saturday 1:30 PM MT - ABC

The Boilermakers have been absolute king slayers this season, knocking off two top-five opponents and Ute/PAC-12 fans need to hope for a third this weekend when they take on the Buckeyes. With an early loss to Oregon on their resume, a second loss to Purdue would add to that much-needed chaos the PAC-12 needs.