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Utah moves to 2-0 after win over Sac St

The Utah men's basketball team kept up the winning for the program today as they ran past Sacramento State. This game was the Branden Carlson show for much of the game, as the Ute big man showed a level of aggressiveness that we haven't ever seen from him before. Carlson finished with a career-high 21 points on 8 of 10 shooting and attacked the defense in multiple ways. He either was making a drop step move in the post for a dunk, beating a man with a dribble-drive, or was hitting a three while being the trailer on the secondary break. He was a lot of fun to watch tonight—the one critic for the big man, only one rebound. We should see more than that.

Both Gach made his debut tonight and looked comfortable in the system, and played well. Gach was the second-leading scorer with 11 points on 4 of 6 shooting and had three assists and three turnovers. He did an excellent job finding Carlson on a lob, and he'll be a welcome addition to the roster after being cleared to play just today.

The Utes got balanced scoring by a lot of other guys, with no one else scoring to double-digits, and they didn't shoot all that well, shooting at just around 46% on the game, but the 18 offensive rebounds helped a lot with that.

Not a lot to say about this game other than I still really like the system Craig Smith is installing, with a lot of ball and body movement. I think this team may surprise some people this year, but they need the schedule to stiffen up so we can get a better feel for what type of team this is, but so far, so good.