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Utah checks in at No. 24 in College Football Playoff rankings

NCAA Football: Utah at Stanford Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

The Utes are back where they belong, in the College Football Playoff top-25 rankings, where they check-in at No. 24 in the second poll of the season. The Utes are the 2nd Pac-12 team in the poll behind Oregon who checks in at No. 3.

Here’s the full poll:

The Utes have three losses on the season, and two of those losses are to teams ranked in the poll and have match up on the horizon with the Ducks... maybe even two match-ups.

For the Utes, it’s all about taking care of business and putting them in as good a position as possible over the next few weeks. Things are lining up well for the Utes, but they need to take care of business.

As for the top of the poll? Well, Alabama is given the proverbial mulligan every season, and it will be interesting to watch as some of these teams start to play each other in the late-season games and potentially conference title games. As for Cincinnati, it feels like they’re just holding on for dear life, and they don’t control much around them.