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Utah Unveils Rose Bowl Uniforms

The Utes Will Wear White

@UtahFootball - Twitter

On Dec. 16, Utah Football announced that “the #Uboyz will wear white.” While a nice hint, it left a lot up in the air. Which white uniforms? Will it be all white, or will it be a combo with red and/or black? Those questions were finally answered as the Utes tweeted out these photos today for the full uniform reveal.

Britain Covey, Cam Rising, Devin Lloyd, Mika Tafua, and Keegan Markgraf (the team captains) showed off the all-white throwback interlocking U’s uniforms, complete with the signature Rose Bowl patch.

The white helmets boast the beautifully designed custom logo of a rose resting in the interlocking U’s. Players were seen wearing merch with this custom rose logo, so this is not a complete surprise, but there is something special about seeing it on the helmet.

These all-white uniforms with red accents will be beautiful on the field and will stand out against Ohio State’s standard uniforms. I can’t think of a better set for the Utes to wear in their Rose Bowl debut.