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Timmy Allen and Alfonso Plummer find new homes

NCAA Basketball: Arizona State at Utah Jeffrey Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

The roster continues to come more and more in focus for the Utes for this upcoming season, as we now know the decision of two former Utes. The first is with Timmy Allen. The All-Pac-12 performer entered his name into the portal not long after the coaching change was made, and there was some hope that he’d return to Utah, but as the days went along, that hope faded. Allen has decided to transfer to Texas, news he made official on social media just a few days ago.

My thoughts on Allen transferring are mixed because he’s a good player and can put up good numbers. With that said, his lack of perimeter shooting and, in my opinion, shaky ball-handling skills are what kept him from being the No. 1 guy. He’s an excellent No. 2 option and a player I would have loved back at Utah, but he still has a lot to improve.

Alfonso Plummer is the other former Ute that has now landed with his new home in the Big Ten in Illinois. Plummer was out no matter what after the season, which is disappointing by the sounds of it.

Plummer really burst onto the scene near the end of his junior season and was a bit up and down during his first senior season. Plummer will be a “super senior” this coming season, with the ability to come back due to the pandemic. Plummer is a major floor spacer and can shoot you back into a game, as evidence by the Colorado win in Boulder this past season. It sounds like Craig Smith never got a chance to pitch to Plummer to come back, but he’ll be a good piece for Illinois to have as they work to reload.