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Utah schedules home-and-home with Wisconsin in football

NCAA Football: Duke’s Mayo Bowl-Wake Forest vs Wisconsin Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Mark Harlan is on absolute fire with his scheduling and has been since he took the job a couple of seasons ago. The Utes have added SEC schools (Florida, Arkansas, and LSU), Chris Hill added Baylor a few years before he left, and now Harlan has added a Big Ten school with Wisconsin.

All these games are home-and-homes and Utah will visit Madison first in the Wisconsin series in 2028, and the Badgers will return to SLC in 2033. Nothing like making plans a dozen years in advance.

This next year’s non-con scheduled is a soft one with BYU, Weber, and San Diego State, but 2022 is when we start to see some of these names come on the schedule with the Utes going to Florida. There’s still a lot of open dates in the coming years, so I’m excited to see what Harlan does in those open dates and who comes on the schedule.