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Charlie Brewer is officially QB1 and the rest of the depth chart is released

NCAA Football: Pac-12 Media Day Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

It’s official, the Utes QB going into the opener against Weber State in one week will be the Baylor transfer, Charlie Brewer. This was leaked just a few days ago, and really has been largely expected since before spring ball, not only because of Brewer’s experience and resume but with Cam Rising’s rehab from injury. Fortunately, Rising surprised coaches with his bounceback, but Brewer is the choice.

Here are some other observations.

As Coach Whitt has mentioned they still haven’t nailed down the best five offensive linemen yet, and that shows with the OR with the left tackle. I think the coaches would love to see Bam take that job because of his size, but his inexperience of the game may be holding him back. It also sounds like there have been some guys banged up through camp keeping the group from playing together.

At running back the Utes are looking for someone to take the job. This is not uncommon for the Utes when they have a lot of talented backs. Devontae Booker took a few games for him to emerge, same with Joe Williams, even Zack Moss took some time to stand out. Last season Ty Jordan took about two games, maybe three, to separate himself. The name that has been mentioned the most is Tavion Thomas, but the group is so deep and so talented, whoever wins this job will be worthy of the job.

At wideout, Theo Howard is a starter, which isn’t a surprise but is nice to see a wideout that the Utes needed to come in and take a job.

On the defensive line, it is great to see the highly-touted kids Xavier Carlton and Van Fillinger in the two-deep at the defensive end, with Fillinger getting the starting nod. I’m also a little surprised to see Clark Phillips starting on the outside at the corner and not the nickel, which is where Malone Matele is slotted. Phillips could be a major player, and as a starting outside corner, that’s the hope.

Lastly, at safety, the UW transfer Brandon McKinney is in the starting spot at strong safety. I was hoping, like Theo Howard, that he would come onto campus and take the job, which is what you should want from a player with one more season to play and wanting to prove something. Between Howard, Brewer, and McKinney the Utes have some serious plug-and-play pieces that will be massive names this coming season.

Take a peek at the full depth chart above, and make sure to check out the suggested pronunciation for Britain Covey.