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Utah falls to BYU 26-17

NCAA Football: Utah at Brigham Young Jeffrey Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

It was bound to happen at some point, Utah lost to BYU. The Utes went in there flat and sloppy and couldn’t overcome their mistakes. A pair of turnovers on their own side of the field, the inability to close out drives with points, and just general sloppiness really held the offense back. The good news for the offensive side of the ball is that they likely found the No. 1 running back with Bernard.

On defense, the inability to get off the field on third down doomed that side of the ball. BYU didn’t do anything spectacular on offense, just the Utes had some issues tackling, and gave up some scramble plays that really hurt down the field.

Regardless, big picture wise the loss doesn’t hurt much since it’s an out-of-conference game, but the Utes have a lot to clean up moving into Pac-12 play in a few weeks.