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Around The Hill, 1/16/2022: Eric Weddle, Jaylon Glover, Wilguens Exacte Jr.

Joseph Munro - Sun Youth

First things first, Block U is doing a giveaway! Don’t miss your chance to win some Runnin’ Utes tickets!

Now on to some links!

In Football News...

  • Eric Weddle will start on Monday night.
  • Highly-touted 2023 4-star Tight End Walker Lyons visited the campus yesterday. Utah was not included in his “Top 11” schools that he announced in November but perhaps this is part of the expected Rose Bowl bump in recruiting.
  • Jaylon Glover is releasing a four part series to get to know him a lot better. You can also learn more about him on his website.

Around the Pac-12...

  • USC head coach Lincoln Riley continues to bring former Oklahoma players to USC.

In Basketball News...

  • The Runnin’ Utes gained a commitment yesterday from an NBA Academy guy, Wilguens Exacte Jr. He is a gifted athlete with a lot of skill and potential to benefit Utah. This is a big get for Craig Smith and his staff. You can read more about Exacte Jr. here.
  • The Runnin’ Utes fought hard last night but ultimately fell to the superior Wildcats.

Other Utah Sports News...

  • The women’s basketball team will play Stanford today! Go support the team and be early to get a beanie!
  • The Utah ski team showed out yesterday
  • Go women’s tennis team!