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Around The Hill, 2/13/2022: Super Bowl, Kenneth Scott, Jillian Hoffman

Utah v UCLA Photo by Katharine Lotze/Getty Images

In Football News...

  • Please send this to every recruit in the 2023 class.
  • Former Utah WR Kenneth Scott said some great things about Coach Scalley. Official Visit is based on a really interesting idea where current and former players can leave reviews for coaches.

In Gymnastics News...

  • The Red Rocks lost to the Golden Bears yesterday. I think Coach Scalley says it best. If you want to read more about the meet, check out Block U’s breakdown.
  • The Red Rocks have lost Jillian Hoffman to a season-ending achilles tendon tear. Best of luck to her in recovery.

In Basketball News...

  • The men’s basketball team was leading Colorado most of the game but the win just slipped through their fingers in the end.
  • I sure hope Coach Smith is right.
  • Dusan Mahorcic is no longer a part of the Utah basketball program. Coach Smith declined to elaborate on the circumstances of the dismissal.

Other Utah Sports...

  • This loss was not as close as yesterday's game but they can bounce back tomorrow!
  • How about this catch by Stella Bennett though? A great catch but looks like it might have knocked the wind out of her though.

Trent’s Pick...

  • I will be rooting for the Rams because there are three Utes on the Rams and none on the Bengals, but if it weren’t for that, I think I would probably be cheering for the Bengals. Regardless, it should be a good game!